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Lund & Malmö Day Tour

Malmö and Lund are twin towns by location, but still very different in character. On this full day tour we first show you Lund, the town of wisdom that goes back to the Viking age and was once practically the capital of Denmark. Later we visit Malmö, the town of trade and of production, the town were the famous Swedish welfare state and egalitarian culture was born.

This tour is also available as a day trip from Copenhagen.

The guide will pick you up in central Copenhagen in Denmark to take you to Sweden. Arriving in Lund, we learn about the Vikings, who founded the town more than a thousand years ago, and see several of their monumental Rune Stones. This is followed by looking at part of the University and the goofy student events that the entire place centres on today. We finish off Lund by a visit to the mediaeval Lund cathedral, once the seat of the largest Christian archdiocese in the world, before we head off to Malmö where you can have lunch in one of the town's many trending restaurants.

After lunch we hear the story of Malmö, a place that is the constant underdog. Malmö painstakingly works its way up to be wealthy and important, only to crash as the rug is pulled from beneath its feet, for the process to start all over again. The tour covers a church that could qualify into the Monthy Pythons, how you can get rich by bad book-keeping and what the Koreans mean by “The tears of Malmö”. We end the tour among the skyscraper in “Malm-hattan” and an excellent view towards Denmark, before your guide will take you back to central Copenhagen.

To book this tour for private groups, email us at info@malmoguidedtours.se

We also sell this tour to individual travelers with start in Copenhagen through the new platform Tour Swedish Copenhagen, operated by local guides in the area, which Malmö Bike Tours is a part of.