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The Bike Town

Not using a bike in Malmö is like not using a boat in Venice.

Malmö is practically designed for biking. Named the best bike town in Sweden time and again, there is certainly good reason for this. With more than 500 km of bike lanes and no hills there is only a short bike ride to most things in town - the city centre, the beach, shopping, parks or restaurants are all within 15-20 minutes from more or less anywhere. Therefore we find it unquestionable that the best way to see Malmö is with a local guide and a bike ride. With the bike you get out in the open, can easily reach sights and places, and get to view the town as the locals do it, from the saddle.

About Malmö Bike Tours

We have used bikes to show Malmö to visitors since 2011.

This makes us the second longest running bike tour operator in the Öresund region and the longest running on this side of the bridge. Our success is based on our knowledgeable guides who will tell the story of Malmö in an entertaining and accessible way without compromising with the content. For visitors with special interest we always try to adapt our tour, even for small private groups. Welcome to Malmö Bike Tours; we hope you will enjoy biking with us.

Section of a bike in Malmö